About Manojit

Dr. Manojit Aich is well recognized as Best Astrologer in India. Dr.Aich with over a decade experience has help people to solve the problems across the world. His solution and predictions are very much helpful to eradicate all the problems. He comes from a family of Astrologers starting from his grandfather and he is specialized in KP Astrology, Traditional Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Vastu & Face reading. His problem-solving capabilities is witnessed by all over India and the World. His services include Calculation and Charts based on your birth date, Match Making, Love Problems, the Educational problem ( Stream Selection), Family problems, Career, and Finance Advice, Vastu and all others. He got the title of “Jyotisharnab” from a renowned International Astrological Conference. He won the “Asian Top Ten Best Astrologer” in the year 2010.

He has rewarded Doctorate in astrology as well as “Gold Medalist” in the year 2015. Along with that, he is awarded from different Organization and respected celebrities from our country. As astrology is the only possible way which can give you the right direction towards the success, for that reason he spent several years in studying and learning this scientific domain and the power to turn people’s fates towards the success. Astrology is not only his profession but his passion. In spite of being so famous, he loved to serve poor people. He is Vice-president and Founder member of “Astrology & Astrologers”. This group of astrologers organization has come forward to serve the people who were stuck in floods and distributed food among them. This organization organized many campaigns along with blood donation