Why Manojit

Manojit Shastri is important because he gives perspective on the bigger picture by his astrology knowledge. He believe in scientific astrology which is oldest among the science as per his advice our present life made up of our own actions (Mistake and Success) from the past which only can be balanced out by our present dicition. he encourage other to become expert and knowledgeable in astrology science because it gives you a purpose  greater then you could ever even imagin.

You will find Many renowned astrologer available in Kolkata area.But the question why you come to Monojit Aich?How will you judge who is the best astrologer in south Kolkata and Behala area. You will find many renowned person who achieve a successful career under the guidance of Dr. Manojit Aich. Many celebrities, V.I.P, Sports person who became very popular and successful with the hard work and the guidance of Dr. Manojit Aich.